Strategy, Hints and Tips for Playing Keno

 Strategy, Hints and Tips for Playing Keno

Keno, like lotteries or bingo, is predominantly a game of luck, and therefore there is little that you can do to affect your chances of winning. However, the stakes for Keno are low, and therefore it’s a great game to play for fun as you can enjoy Keno without betting large amounts of money. The possibility of winning a reasonably high amount of prize money for such a low stake also means that it’s an exciting game to play. However, the house edge on Keno is one of the highest in casinos at around 25% to 30% depending on the casino.

Keno Hints and Tips.

There are a few hints and tips, however, that might help you to play Keno more effectively.

The most important thing to consider when playing Keno is the amount of numbers that you want to bet on. This depends on whether or not you are happy to win smaller amounts but with the possibility of winning more frequently, or whether you want to risk playing more games with fewer wins and hope that you will win a larger amount of money in the end.

With most Keno games, the more numbers you bet on, the more numbers you need to predict accurately in order to start winning any money. Therefore, if you pick 15 numbers, you have more chance of matching them, but you might need to match five of them in order to win anything. If, on the other hand, you only bet on eight numbers, you might start winning money once you have matched two of them, but the amount you win would be less.

Make sure that you establish how much you will win before you start playing at a specific casino so that you can choose which of these strategies you want to try.

As far as knowing which numbers to pick, this is entirely down to luck. You could pick an entire row or column, as the chance of at least one number being drawn will be higher than if you pick random numbers, but again it will be less likely that you will win a major prize by doing so.

Keno Strategies

Some Keno players do employ strategies such as:

  • “Chase the Old Man” – playing Keno numbers that have recently been drawn in the hope that these numbers will be lucky again.
  • “Let the Old Man Chase You” – playing Keno numbers that haven’t been drawn recently in the hope that they are more likely to be drawn this time.
  • “Play it Again” – playing numbers that you have used in a previous Keno game which didn’t win in the hope that they will be luckier this time.
  • “Let it Ride” – playing the same Keno numbers over and over again in the hope that at some point they will come up.

However, as each Keno game is entirely separate from the ones before and after it there is no statistical evidence that any of these Keno strategies are likely to work. You can have much chance of winning and have just as much fun by playing Keno using your own personal “lucky” numbers such as birthdays and anniversary dates.

The most important strategy to employ to minimise losses when you are playing Keno is never to bet more than you can afford. Although Keno only requires small stakes, these can add up once you start playing combination and way tickets, successive games and especially when you are betting on the faster Video Keno and Online Keno games.

Keep track of how much you are spending, stick to your budget and don’t be tempted to play just one more game to try and recoup any losses. Always play Keno for fun, not for profit, so if you aren’t lucky enough to win you won’t be disappointed.

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